Last week, my photographic journey found me at the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden in Claremont, California.  I happened to be driving by the garden, when I decided…why not?  If I’ve learned one thing on this journey, it’s to always have my camera with me.

On this particular day I decided to shoot some of my photos from different angles.

For this particular photo I decided to shoot from beneath the bee utilizing the blue sky as a background rather than the normal green you’ll see in an upcoming shot.

copyright 2010

I’m continuing to learn about blurring the backgrounds as you can see from the photo of this beautiful flower.

copyright 2010

Repositioning myself, I wanted to frame only the flower from underneath to present an even more vibrant contrast against the blue sky.  I’m learning that a photographer needs to be in great shape.  In the past week alone, I’ve had to climb walls, hike miles, and stretch out under flowery blooms in order to capture the subject from the perfect angle.

copyright 2010

This photo appeared in an earlier post, but I wanted you to see the difference between the green background here and the blue background earlier.  Which one do you think is better?

copyright 2010

Back to working with blurring the backgrounds, I happened upon a Monarch butterfly.

copyright 2010

For this particular photo, I decided to get back down on the ground in order to include the flower with a combination green and blue background.  Funny, when I left the garden I looked like I needed a change of clothes.

copyright 2010

The Monarch from a different angle.

copyright 2010

Nothing special about this tree, I guess.  I just thought it was beautifully shading the path ahead.  I always wonder about the age of trees like this one.  How many people have stopped to enjoy its shade during its lifetime?

copyright 2010

Thanks for joining me on another photographic journey.  I’ll see you the next time.  Where will it be and what will we see?

All photography is original and falls under the protection and copyright of this blog


~ by photographyfree4all on June 23, 2010.


  1. I prefer the bee and flower with the green background. i especially like the back of that white flower – pretty.


  2. WOAH! These are AMAZING!


  3. I like both pictures of the bee. They similar but yet very different. I, too, love big shady trees and wonder about their history – when they were planted – by whom – who has set under them, enjoying their big shady branches.

    I really enjoy your blog – the beautiful pictures and the tips and facts you add. Thanks!!


  4. I knew I recognized that path! How often I walked it when I lived there in Claremont! Love your work!


  5. That very first shot, wow.. Thats beautiful! I’m impressed at the close up of the bee, and that coloring is perfect.


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