NOW IS THE TIME…To Commit Yourself

 Sometimes, I find a slight deviation from photography good for the soul! 

Recently, I was returning to my office when I drove past something that caused me to immediately stop the car and get out!  It was spectacular!!  It was unlike anything I had ever seen in a residential neighborhood!!  It was amazing!!  It was a tree.  A TREE??  I know what you must be thinking.  “WOW!  You are easily amazed!” 


Yes, a tree.  Ah, but not just any tree.  No, this was a big tree.  No really, that’s what it’s called, The Big Tree!  The Big Tree was planted in the late 1880’s by Edgar J. Owens.  It’s a Moreton Bay Fig tree originally from Australia.  This proud specimen has stood through all the storms of history for the past 125 years.  It has grown to a height of 90 feet and a breadth of 110 feet.  It’s trunk measures 30 feet in circumference and the unusual root system covers more than 1200 square feet.  You see, it truly is amazing!

The Big Tree Stands 90' tall and 110' Across

The Unusual Root System Covers Over 1200 Square Feet

It's enormity Is Only Realized When Something Familiar Is Also in the Frame

I stood before this tree and thought about the man who planted it nearly 125 years ago.  He didn’t know that I would be standing here on this day – but, I was.


Now is the time…to commit yourself.

Those who succeed set themselves apart by their committment.

Most of us make an effort:

We prepare; we try; but then we hope.

If you really want to achieve something,

You must be prepared to stretch yourself.

You must distill your energy and focus all your efforts.

You must give of yourself.

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t – you are right.”  –Henry Ford


~ by photographyfree4all on April 27, 2011.

19 Responses to “NOW IS THE TIME…To Commit Yourself”

  1. That tree is absolutely amazing! I just want to walk up to it and touch it and see every bit of it! There is a park near by with some unusual trees in it due to the land being formally owned by an arborst. I plan to go there this summer and take photos of them, but this, by far, is so much more astounding! Thank you for posting these pictures!


  2. Wow – that tree is amazing! It would have made me stop, too!


  3. I love that tree in Glendora…It is so awesome! glad you found a photo opportunity 🙂


  4. I understand your pulling over to photograph it. Fabulous isn’t it? I was there as a teenager, and immediately recognized it in your photo. Thank you for the memory. 🙂


  5. Good to hear from you again, Renae. I hope all is well!


  6. I always love seeing old trees like these. We don’t see too many (that I’m aware of) here in Miami, Fl. However, I remember playing on a tree like this while living in Puerto Rico when I was younger. Truly a sight to see.


  7. What an amazing tree, so worth the stop. Love the roots, a work of art itself. Trees are a favorite subject to capture. Your pictures are beautiful.


  8. Magnificent! any chance you took some close up images of the bark and the leaves?


  9. It definitely caught my eye, Kuukisu! I may go back and take some additional shots. I was pressed for time the day of this shoot! Glad to hear from you again!


  10. See…that’s what I’m talking about, Lynda! I find it fascinating that some years ago (only a few, I’m sure 🙂 ) you stood and gazed upon this same tree! Very interesting to me! Thanks for sharing that, Lynda!


  11. Indeed a sight to behold, Eric! I’m glad you jumped in with your comment! Keep ’em coming, my friend! 🙂


  12. I may return and take some additional shots, martina. i didn’t have much time to think about anything this first time. I really just snapped some quick shots! It’s pure happen chance that someone was standing there. But, when I saw them I knew I had to grab a shot too! It really shows the scale that way! Glad to have you in the comment page again!


  13. I’m heading back for some additional shots. I was in such a hurry the first time. So glad you dropped a note here, Dawn!


  14. That is one incredible tree! I love the way the roots are spread out, with the tree having grown in all directions (or so it seems).


  15. You’re exactly right, Robin. This tree is growing in several directions. It’s pretty amazing, I think.


  16. Magnificent, fabulous, amazing, incredible….. I can only repeat some of the comments above! I really wish I will see that tree one day;-)
    Thanks for showing it here. Great post!


  17. Wow! What a tree! You need to tell me where it is. I would like to go see it this summer.


  18. It is amazing! Thanks for stopping by Miss Betty!


  19. This is Awesome. The only tree I can compare to is the Banyon Tree near the town center in Lahaina, Maui. It’s was so big, I couldn’t get a picture. Here is a reference:

    Thanks for sharing this great tree.


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