Some have said that California just doesn’t have any seasons.  Often I have heard people complain about the lack of seasons, which always catches me completely off guard!  To complain about January temperatures in the 70’s…well, that’s just wrong!


In defense of southern California, I would like to offer this image which was captured in late November.  This is when our fall season begins.  Why…we could see temperatures drop into the high 40’s at night…BRRRRR!!


Seasons?  Oh, we have them!  Even today, December 30, it will be 72 degrees.  And yet…I can look out of my window and off in the distance…there it is…snow.  Sure, it’s in the mountains.  But, I can still see it!  And I can drive to it in about an hour if I would like to enjoy breakfast in front of a roaring fire at our favorite mountain cafe.  It’s California…the land of seasons!


Congratulation to shimmerrr98, the 600 follower of this blog.  Welcome aboard!

~ by photographyfree4all on December 30, 2013.

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